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The Ocho’s new toy…

By nate

Chad Ochocinco has found a new toy and is using it like a kid on Christmas. Of course that’s assuming the toy is a pair of scissors and the kid is running around the house with them. Not satisfied enough by Twitter alone, Johnson has added streaming video to his Twitter page via Ustream. It’s only a matter of time before one of these things gets him in trouble, but in the meantime it should make training camp a little more interesting. Case in point, check out Chad’s  photo with Coach Lewis below, which I’m sure Marvin would rather not see floating around in cyberspace.

Now, I say it’s time we send The Ocho some suggestions for the behind-the-scenes images we would like to see next. How about Mike Brown counting the money from all of the loyal fans? How about Jeremi Johnson walking away from the buffet table? Or a picture of Andre Smith anywhere at Georgetown? The possibilites are endless. And probably a little frightening too with Ocho at the controls.