Marvin Passes Out “Atta Boys”


Marvin Lewis passed out a few “atta boys” at his press conference today, including a rave review of rookie Michael Johnson. If the kid can stay healthy, he seems primed for an immediate impact on a defense that needs pass rushers like the Olsen twins need food. Lewis also made a pretty bold statement regarding Andre Caldwell. Here’s what Marvin had to say today.

Q: How is DE Michael Johnson looking?
Marvin Lewis: “Mike has done a really good job. He has exceeded my expectations. Of all the rookie players that I’ve been around in the NFL, he’s played as fast and as physical and has made as many football plays early in camp (as any of them). I have been really pleased with Mike.”

Q: Is (WR) Andre Caldwell where you would like him to be at this point?
Marvin: “He finished the season as our best player out there last year on offense (really? Better than Ryan Fitzpatrick?)  Andre has done nothing but go forward since then. He got an opportunity to play, and he really got confident. He’s one of these young guys that had an injury (foot), but really stepped up later and got going. He missed a little time in the middle of the year, but as he came back, he really earned his opportunities. He’s confident in what he’s doing, and we’ll have a couple of different combinations of plays where we get in three-wide receiver sets. It’ll be fun. We’re better now than we were a year ago, and I’m pleased with that.”

 Q: Regarding the fullback position, how do Fui Vakapuna and the other guys look?
Marvin: “Those guys have done a real good job. It’ll be fun to see as we go through the preseason how it shakes down.”

Q: How does Kyle Cook look at center?
Marvin: “Kyle has handled things very well so far. We’re just five days into this, but for the football that we’ve had thus far, I think he’s done a good job.”

Notes:  Is anyone else bothered by the fact that there seems to be almost no dialogue on the Andre Smith front? Can someone please pick up the phone? Send a text mesage? Or a carrier pigeon? At this point, someone needs to get things moving…My guess is that the Bengals are going to have to sign a tight end just to make it through training camp. Bubba Franks is out there and so am I (I did play in high school…). I’m not sure who the best option would be, but Chase Coffman should practice in a bubble tomorrow. On Xbox 360.

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