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Marvin the Worst Game Manager?; Hard Knocks A Comin’

By nate

Michael Lombardi of the NFL Network and the National Football Post lists Marvin Lewis as the worst game manager in the NFL. That might be a bit extreme, but I think Marvin – as much as I love him – should probably be in the discussion. He seems to make a decision every game or two that drives me nuts. And to make matters worse, Lombardi makes his case for Marvin’s ineptitude by resurrecting the Steelers debacle that kept the Bengals from the playoffs in 2006. In Marvin’s defense, some teams employ people who specialize in game/clock management, but I don’t think the Bengals do. That of course, would cost Mike Brown money.

And in case you forgot – or if you don’t have HBO – the Hard Knocks series starts tomorrow at 10 p.m. My guess  is that the first episode will feature Chad Ochocinco and Carson Palmer quite a bit. I’m not sure the rest of the nation is tuning in to see how Nate Livings is doing during training camp. But I will.