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Bengals Getting Gator Aid?; That Ced

By nate

Buried in the bottom of an article by Thomas George (no relation to Boy), is the news that the Bengals brought in Florida coach Urban Meyer to teach them principles of the spread offense (I wonder if he had to pay for his own plane ticket…). Anyway, I like the idea of the Bengals using a little spread offense this season. With The Ocho, Laveranues, Chris Henry and Andre Caldwell or Chase Coffman on the field at the same time, someone is going to be open. Perhaps wide open. If Palmer has enough time to throw, the Bengals third and fourth receivers are better than most teams’ third or fourth cover guys. And favorable matchups = big plays.

In other news, Michael Silver checked in with a hard-charging Cedric Benson in practice. Everything I’ve been reading depicts Benson as a hard worker and a perfect teammate. This might be one of “Mother Theresa” Mike Brown’s soul-saving operations that pay off. We shall see.

Finally, tune in or set your TiVo to watch the Bengals on HBO’s Hard Knocks at 10 p.m. tonight. I’ll have my reaction tomorrow.