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All Chad, All the Time


Make an extra point in a preseason game and the world beats a path to your door.

Who knew? Right, Shayne Graham?

Chad Ochocinco’s difference-making boot (h/t Bill Belichick) has probably done more to rehab The Ocho’s image than anything else he has said or done since the start of the year. Even the whole name change thing is finding some fans.

And for those of you who just can’t get enough of Chad’s gold-plated grill, he’s soon to have his own iPhone app courtesy of Jordan Palmer.

In the end, I think the guys at Rotowire have it right:

"Ocho Cinco isn’t likely to reward anyone with bonus kicking points, but we suppose it’s a good sign that he’s having some fun again with the Bengals, and that he can be productive even without Carson Palmer under center."

Indeed. Welcome back, 85.