Bengals News

Uno Pointo


The Cincinnati Bengals eked out a 7-6 preseason victory over the New England Patriots tonight on the foot of WR Chad Ochocinco, who (video–>) booted an extra point (and a 60-some yard kickoff) in lieu of The Franchise, K Shayne Graham.

Seriously, Shayne, what’s up with that? Let me get this straight: you get franchise so you get a couple million guaranteed, right? And you’re all peeved off. Then in the first preseason game you blow a chip shot. Now your ahem groin hurt and Chad has to win the game?

Anyhow…nice win. First team O was still iffy. Ixnay on the holding penalties, AC, and Bobbie, c’mon man not a good night. Sims is a beast, yay! Rey! and Simpson got jobbed at least once. I’m sure more thoughs will come later, but for now I have a date with something long, cool and alcoholic. G’night!