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ESPN Looks at Brown’s Ineptitude

By nate

The Bengals are getting more attention in the national media, although it’s not the good kind. Elizabeth Merrill looks at the WhoDey Revolution and Mike Brown’s myriad failures. What’s particularly interesting – or frightening – is that Brown has had one winning season in the 18 years since Paul Brown passed away. The article ends with Paul reciting a lesson he learned from his father.

“And yet if I were to tell you one thing I remember … It was that you just got up every day and you went about what you did and you did the best you could do, and it didn’t matter what was going sideways or what was going up.  “You could be riding high or you could be low. But you’d better go out there and persevere.”

I can’t say I’ve ever been an advocate for not perseverving or a champion for quitting, but in this case I am. It’s time to give it up. You can still go to the games and support your team and persevere that way, Mike. But sticking with your methods, when they’ve only worked once in 19 years is idiotic. It would be enough to get you fired in any line of work. So take a step back Mike. Let someone who really knows what they’re doing take over the personnel decisions. And if they fail, I’ll welcome you back with open arms. But you owe the fans a chance to see what the team could do with a different operating procedure.

You’re 72 years old. It’s time. Hang. It. Up.