Bengals News

We Got a Problem…

By nate

We’ve all heard it before.  Preaseason games don’t matter. Blah, blah, blah. Well, people say that until someone tears an ACL. Or a quarterback has his nose broken behind a bad offensive line. Or a starting running back really begins to struggle. And I hate to say it, but Cedric Benson is struggling. Again.

At halftime, Benson has five rushes for 17 yards. Maybe this wouldn’t be a big deal in itself. But this follows  a 10 for 28 performance against the Patriots. And an 8 for 28 performance against the Saints. (It adds up to about a 3.1 average). Anyone else seeing a trend here? Hate to say it, but Benson isn’t very impressive. And part of that might be the offensive line’s fault. It’s just too bad that the Bengals don’t have a massive 300-pounder somewhere that could help them out. Oh, wait…

The only good news arrived on the feet of Quan Cosby. Cosby returned a punt 49 yards for a touchdown in the first quarter, likely earning himself a roster spot in the process. Somewhere Peter Warrick is jealous.