Bengals News

Giant Andre

By nate

File this one under “I’m not surprised.”

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, rookie Andre Smith came to sign his contract this week weighing a whopping 364 pounds. The Bengals responded by putting a weight clause into his contract. Than Andre’s foot responded by breaking slightly under all that weight. At this point, I can’t blame his foot. Nothing short of Hulk Hogan’s pythons (brother!) could have held all that weight up.

In other news, Schefter is also reporting that Carson Palmer will not play tomorrow against the Colts and will return in Week One against the Broncos. Makes sense. No need to risk further injury or aggravation in the preseason.

And finally, it appears that Rey Maualuga may be starting alongside former teammate Keith Rivers when the Bengals open the season. Shannon Russell reports that Rey-Rey is getting a similar number – and often more –  first team reps than Jeanty. Considering that Jeanty is supposedly having a great camp, this is good news. It appears that the Bengals have more depth at linebacker than they have had in perhaps 15-20 years. Let’s hope things stay that way and we avoid the train-wreck that was a few years ago when linebacker were walking off the street and into the Bengals starting lineup.

Program Note:  Hard Knocks tonight. Could we get an inside glimpse of Andre’s contract? We shall see.