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Dan Snyder Bests Mike Brown in Top Greedhead Competition


Do you think that Bengals owner Mike Brown is a soulless, greedy scumbag whose sole interest is vacuuming as much cash as possible out of the pockets of a gullible fanbase? In other words, are you a card-carrying member of

Well, if so, you’re in for a disappointing read. It turns out that when it comes to being a soulless greedhead, our Mike doesn’t hold a candle to Redskins owner Dan Snyder. Write’s Page 2’s Patrick Hruby,

"The Washington Post reports that the Redskins directly sold large blocks of tickets to professional scalpers brokers, as opposed to fans on their famously long waiting list. The reason? The team’s ticket office packaged the cheaper regular-game tickets most people covet (and brokers can profit on) with the high-priced “premium” tickets few want to buy.In other words: The club found a way to unload excess inventory without cutting prices. Supply and demand what?"

Meanwhile, in Cincinnati, the Bengals are partnering with the United Way in a bid to sell tickets to, y’know, actual if reluctant fans.

But wait, there’s more! The ‘Skins are also aggressively suing people who can’t afford season ticket contracts any longer because of the recession. Continues Hruby:

"Yep, while at least nine other NFL teams just cancel defaulted ticket contracts and resell the seats to someone else — go figure — the Redskins go to court. And unlike anything involving actual football, they win. According to the Post article, the franchise earned a $60,000-plus judgment against a 72-year-old grandmother who is now facing bankruptcy. The team also sued a man who went to jail — limiting his ability to both pay and watch the Skins — and an unemployed paranoid schizophrenic. Seriously. In some cases, the Redskins even resold the very same tickets the club filed suit over."

At least Mike Brown has the poor excuse of being a small market team. D.C. is the top revenue-generating NFL franchise by leaps and bounds. Yet they’re even pettier and greedier than Brown has ever been.