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The Day After


Well, it’s a day later and a win shorter for the Cincinnati Bengals, who cut RB DeDe Dorsey this afternoon to make way for RT Andre “Moobs” Smith. No doubt he’ll be rushed into the lineup now that RT Anthony Collins is being knocked around for giving up a pair of sacks. And based on Collins’ play that might be justified, but if Smith is ready for the big time yet, I’m a yeti.

How will the Bengals respond to this defeat, implosion or inspiration? History says implosion, but according to Marvin Lewis this is a mentally tough team. Well see.

The title of this post is a nod to Cincy Jungle. Yup, it may very well be over. That isn’t to say this is (necessarily) going to be a horrible 3-5 win year for the team, but the discombobulation on offense yesterday was depressing.

It’s not as if there’s just one or two things to fix. Every unit and every player contributed his share of misery to the team’s laughable seven-point performance. If Carson Palmer wasn’t throwing low or behind receivers, guys like Laveranues Coles, Dan Coats and Jeremi Johnson were dropping balls. If it wasn’t Collins getting blown up in protection, it was Cedric Benson. Chad Ochocinco, Andrew Whitworth and Kyle Cook all got called for key penalties that wiped out gains. Bobbie Williams didn’t distinguish himself, and Nate Livings got hurt.

And let’s not even get started about Sideshow Bob’s second-half playcalling…

The good news is that I think all of this goes back to a lack of preseason preparation, primarily due to Palmer’s bum ankle. The offense needs to find its rhythm, and the only way to do that is reps, reps and more reps.

The bad news is that with Green Bay next and then Pittsburgh, improvement will probably come too slowly to avoid 0-3 headed into Cleveland. And even if they manage to right the ship at that point, it would take a wildly improbable 9-3 or so run to have any hope of the playoffs.

The Broncos got a miracle yesterday. Now the Bengals need a handful of ’em if the season isn’t to be over before Halloween. Again.