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Antwan Odom is a Golden God


Half-man, Half-god, half-centaur, half-Tedy Bruschi, all I know is I wish he was my dad.

"The Bengals have had one player with a similar statistical day: Eddie Edwards in the last game of 1980, 29 years ago, against Cleveland. No Bengal had mustered four sacks in a game since Alfred Williams did it nearly 15 years ago. Regardless, Cincinnati has never had the sort of edge rusher that Odom showed against the Packers Sunday.Green Bay simply couldn’t stop Odom. Even when he wasn’t dropping Packers’ quarterback Aaron Rodgers, he was in the Pack’s backfield. Odom had six tackles, too. It helped that Green Bay left tackle Chad Clifton missed most of the second half with an ankle injury. Three of Odom’s sacks came in the fourth quarter, against Packers backups. But five sacks is five sacks."

The Bengals gave him big bucks last season, he got hurt, wasn’t able to perform, everyone bitched. Well, everyone that bitched can suck it tonight. Odom just shut everyone up.

Seven sacks in two games. Here’s to 50+ by the end of the year!