Bengals News

I Hate My Team


In the waning seconds of OT, the Bengals manage to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, beating the woeful Cleveland Browns 23-20.

The Cardiac Cats are going to kill me by the end of the season.

Gawd forbid they actually win a game by more than an RCH.

RCH? That’d be “red” on the front and “hair” on the back and you can probably figure out the “C.”

But anyhow…props to the D for some big OT stands, boos to the O for sucking wind most of the game, and a big “why the hell do you still have a job?” to Brad St. ChokesALot. OK, you made the last snap to win the game. But if you hadn’t blown two during the game we wouldn’t even have been there.

Now, pardon me while I go get drunk.

Update: Instant reax while I’m still sober enough to post ’em:

Walker: Bengals win sets up a huge battle for first place in the AFC North division. Palmer now 7-2 versus Browns.

CBS: Gamble on 4th-and-11 pays off.

Reedy: 3-1.

Cnati: Special teams stink it up.

CJ: Keep this up and we’re all gonna die.

Hobson: The Franchise comes through.

Florio: 0:07. The Bond-gels?