Wicky-Wacky Wednesday


So, how much does it suck to be WR Chansi Stuckey or LB Jason Trusnik today? Yesterday, they looked playoff-bound; today…well, not so much.

Bye Braylon! So long and thanks for all the drops!

Best part is that the Bengals get to blank him again when they play the Jets at the end of the season.

Ced-Bed is banged up ahead of the Baltimore game. Andre Caldwell is looking to bounce back from a shoulder tweak, and Tank Johnson has Eli-Manning-foot. Bad news there, as Cincinnati’s run defense clearly missed Tank and S Roy Williams against Cleveland.

Today’s Marvin Lewis quote:

"Q: Can you assess Carson’s play to this point, and specifically his play against Cleveland? ML: “I think that was Carson’s best football game to date, this year. My memory doesn’t go much longer than that. I think he’s playing better and better each week. His decision-making was as good as it’s been this year. There were a couple he’d like back, but that’s always going to be the case. I think he’s very confident. He’s getting back into playing. He had two, or two and a half weeks, where he didn’t practice because of the ankle. It’s hard to get back into the game. You can’t simulate the game-like situations in practice. So missing those two preseason games like he did, it put him back a little bit.”"

Today’s Carson Palmer quote:

"Q: What would it mean to sweep this tough stretch of three straight division games? CP: “It’s huge. I mean, this is where you find out. It is early in the season to find out what kind of football team you are. It’s strange because there aren’t many times where you have two on the road but three in a row (in the division). To start off that series against the defending champs, and then a rivalry game in the middle, and now everybody’s saying they’re the best team in the division with Baltimore, at Baltimore. It’s really a telling game to see where we are as a unit offensively, and to see where we are defensively, but really as a whole, as a team.”"

Tables that make WDR crazy. Fortunately, they have consolation prizes.

3-1? Vegas ain’t buying.

Bengals 31, Ravens 20? Could be. Key to winning the game? Well, JT, the receivers and backs could quit dropping so many passes that hit them in the hands, for starters…

Last word to Muckraker Mike:

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