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Bengals Blow Bears to Bits


The Cincinnati Bengals destroyed the Chicago Bears 45-10 this afternoon. It was so bad that the Bengals put in No. 2 QB J.T. O’Fridays with more than 10 minutes left in the fourth.

Apologies to my three or four regular readers for being AWOL today. I was stuck in traffic, beating my steering wheel for the whole first half. Did get the radio version, from the Chicago side, so all the people in cars around me must have thought I was nuts.

Didn’t sound like the first quarter sat very well with Lovie Smith. Gee, wonder why…

We finally saw what we had been missing since 2005 today — an offensive battleship slinging Volkswagon-sized shells down the field. For all those who were screaming for Sideshow Bob to open up the passing game, well, you got your wish today.

For the most part, the drops and penalties stopped today — and the O immediately got untracked. Again, I’ve been preaching for weeks that cleaning up those two problems was the key to unleashing the hounds…err, tigers.

I could spend all day going through the huge games on offense by Carson Palmer, Cedric Benson, (career high rushing) Chad Ochocinco and the rest. Defensively, Frostee Rucker delivered, as did Jonathan Fanene and Michael Johnson. And then there’s the ballhawking secondary…wow!

Props, kudos and big wet sloppy kisses all around. Great, complete game on all three sides of the ball today. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to partake of the High Life.