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Bengals Suffer Bad Beat

By nate

Sucks? Hurts? Pisses you off? It’s hard to describe the most recent Bengals’ loss in one word, but it was definitely BAD. Michael Jackson BAD. Bad News Bears BAD. BAD.

The hapless Raiders converted an 80-yard drive in just over two minutes, converted a 4th and 10, scored a touchdown, and then won the game after Andre Caldwell coughed up the football on the ensuing kickoff. Barf. It was a game that conjured up all the painful memories of the Bengals bad beats over the years. And one that makes the road trips to Minnesota and San Diego look increasingly bleak. But back off the ledge Bengals fans.

Upon further review, that game was lost with Domata Peko, Cedric Benson and Keith Rivers on the sidelines. And Larry Johnson, who I wasn’t too excited about a week ago, looked pretty dang good on his two carries. Plus, big boy (not Big Boi, Outkast fans) Andre Smith has yet to release his moobs (man+boobs) on opposing defenses.

I think the Bengals might have lost their chance at a No. 2 seed in the AFC playoffs, but they still have a legitimate shot to win the division (they just need to win one of the two tough road games and take care of business in the rest). And I think if they’re healthy, they can even make some noise in the playoffs with a four-headed rushing attack of Larry Johnson, Ced Benson, Bernard Scott and Brian Leonard (Call it the Homophobic Love Boat with Traffic Citations and a Huge Motor. Honk!) Forget that “wait ’til next year crap” and the “isn’t it great to be in the playoffs?” thinking. This team can’t be counted out. The Cardiac Cats? Nope. I prefer the Frankenstein Felines.

And they’re not dead yet.