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Robble Robble! Bengals to Bring Back the Hamburglar


In a development that has had much of Bengaldom pinching the bridge of their noses and sighing all day, the Cincinnati Bengals are apparently poised to bring back DT Shaun “The Hamburglar” Smith. maestro Geoff Hobson confirmed Smith’s visit today and WR Chad Ochocinco “broke” the news this afternoon. (Chad also posted pics of a knee injury suffered last week against Detroit.)

Kirk rounds up the history on Smith, and has the same reaction as I did: seriously? Shaun Smith

Even setting aside all the history, the guy couldn’t stick with the Detroit Lions last August, and they’re the 32nd-ranked defense in the NFL. Smith was last seen playing in the Ugly F**king (Uniform) League.

I suppose you can file this under the heading of another guy who needs to rehab his image after the way things ended for him in Cleveland, and so can be expected to behave himself. And I admit to wanting Smith back years ago when the Bengals let him go to Cleveland. But after all his antics since, it’s just depressing to see this dingbat back on the team.

Maybe Smith has buried the hatchet with Marvin Lewis, but he has plenty of work to do burying it with the fans.