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Bengals 10, Vikings 30


The Cincinnati Bengals sleepwalked through a trip to Minneapolis today, losing 30-10 to the Vikings in Minnesota. It was a no-show game for the stripes, who had nearly as many penalty yards (85) as passing yards (91). Thanks to one big 42-yard scamper, RB Cedric Benson had a big day, running for 96 total yards and recording the first 1,000+ yard season of his NFL career.

But overall, the offense couldn’t make anything happen, and special teams contributed their own mistakes, with poor punts by Kevin Huber and an unforgivable-in-a-dome out-of-bounds kickoff by our franchise player, Shayne Graham. The D strove mightily, but ran out of gas in a game where the Bengals lost the TOP battle 32-27 and change.

The silver lining? Of their final four games, this was easily the least important. Against an NFC opponent, its only real impact is on the total won-loss record. The final three games are all against AFC opponents, and will determine playoff position and seeding. A win here would have been better, no doubt. But San Diego can’t relish hosting a ticked-off Bengals club, and they will see that now next week.


Vikings looked like they were playing at warp speed versus Bengals.

Sloppiest game of the year.

Won’t win next week without a better effort. Yeah, James, we kinda figured that out.