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NFL Pro Bowl Snubs Bengals–Thank You


The 2010 Pro Bowl players have been announced–and the Cincinnati Bengals are the only team in the AFC, besides the Chiefs, that are not represented.

Thank you.

The Pro Bowl is a bad idea.  Putting players of the most dangerous sport in the world on the field for no reason and risk permanent injury is a bad idea.  There is no trophy.  Not that much prize money.  Not even a lot of prestige.

And this year is even worse.  This year the Pro Bowl is being played before the Super Bowl.

I don’t know if the Bengals are going to the Super Bowl.  I sure hope so.  But I do know this.  If this can motivate the Bengals to prove to the world that they messed up, so be it.  Bengals, no one has respected you all season.  You’re 10-5, the AFC North champs and going to the playoffs.  But nobody respects you.  Your offense is weak.  Your defense is lucky.  Your coaches suck.

Now go out there and kick butt and takes names all the way to Miami.