Bengals News

A Trip Down (Recent) Memory Lane


With the Cincinnati Bengals having clinched the AFC North crown for the second time in five years, I think it’s time to head off to Costco to buy a case of Sugar Frosted Crow Crispies and a dozen gallons of milk for all the “experts” who assured us that this outcome was absolutely impossible.

Why was that?

“[Cedric] Benson played well at the end of ’08, but trusting him as the primary ball carrier is worrisome. The other options on the roster are either unproven or less than dynamic. Few teams are in such bad shape at running back. Consensus finish: 3rd.

Fox Sports: 8-8, 3rd in the division. Actually, they were about the closest.

SI? 3rd (and wrong) again.

Peter King? Ha-ha.

And a gem from The Sporting News: Bengals go 5-11 while the Pittsburgh Steelers finish 14-2.