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Almost. The Bengals almost managed to make it one whole month into the 2010 offseason without someone getting arrested.


Unfortunately, last night linebacker Rey Maualuga hit two parked cars and a parking meter while tooling around trashed with a couple girls.

"“Subject had slurred speech, blood shot, watery eyes and he was unsteady on his feet,” the officer wrote."

TMZ has photos of the crash and Rey getting tested here.

What is there to say that hasn’t been said a million times before? Memo to Rey: you signed a $4.66 million deal last July. You can afford a cab.

In other Bengals news, the team announced today that associate strength coach Ray Oliver is leaving for the University of Kentucky, where he will take over the Wildcats’ strength and conditioning program.

For those of you who have too much time on your hands today, Bengals bloggers, including your truly, unite over at Cincy Jungle for a roundtable on the team.