Fan Views


Since this page is, after all, a production, it seemed like a good idea this evening to take a look at what fans of players projected to go to the Cincinnati Bengals in the first round thought of their guys. So, via the magic of teh google, I’ve dug up some fan forum threads on the top five candidates. File it under FWIW.

Jermaine Gresham:

"The way most NFL teams will look at it, it will be a year of him not taking any hits and his knee will be fine.They have already seen what he can do"

"Jermaine came back to win a championship. That obviously won’t be happening now. He’ll report to the combine in a few months and that knee will be poked and prodded for hours. When it’s reported that the knee is structurally fit, all will be forgotten and Jermaine Gresham will be a very rich man come April."

"It may sound like heresy given Bradford one the heisman but I firmly believe Gresham will be missed more in this offense than Bradford."

Dez Bryant:

"As far as a player, best combo receiver/punt returner we’ve had. As receiver, right there w/Dykes … Dykes caught better, Bryant runs better. Overall, considering punt returns, best skill-position player (offensive backfield/receivers) we’ve had since Sanders."

"Stud receiver.Incredible returner.TD machine.knucklehead."

Arrelious Benn:

"I saw flashes of ability and I know he has the physical tools but I just didn’t see him take over any games the past two years. I have a hard time seeing him end up as #1 receiver but I certainly hope he does and wish him the best."

"If I were a betting man, I would bet he is a bust…"

"He’s got all the stuff you can’t teach, and he hasn’t been taught the stuff you can teach.I don’t think he’ll be a rookie success story because his learning curve will be steeper than most, but he has Crabtree-type talent."

"He was compared to Anquan Boldin 3 years ago when he got here and that’s who he will be in the NFL."

"He has great potential but far too big an injury risk to take early. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him slip to the 2nd or even 3rd round."

"Sure he has some ability and skills, trouble there is ….. its been more hype than consistent qualified substance."

"Basically, the kid has gone uncoached for two years. This is true of half the players on this team. My comments are not directed at Benn, this is possibly the worst coached team in Div I."

Damian Williams:

"Truly one of the better all-around receivers I have seen at SC."

Golden Tate:

"I love Golden and the strength he has for his size is flat crazy"

"You just know he is going to go all prima donna as a classic NFL receiver with drama."