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Draft Spotlight: Jermaine Gresham

By nate

Here’s another feature I’ll be rolling out in advance of next week’s NFL Draft. I’ll shine a spotlight on a few prospects who might become the Bengals’ first-round pick, followed by some pros and cons. First up is Oklahoma tight end Jermaine Gresham, who is the early favorite according to most experts.

Gresham’s ESPN profile

Size:  6’5″, 261 pounds

I like:  Ever since TJ Houshmanzadeh left town, the Bengals have been looking for a consistent threat in the middle of the field. Gresham has the size and speed to be a big-time tight end and could lure safeties away from Chad Ochocinco on the outside. With Antonio Bryant and Ocho outside and a speedy tight end inside, the Bengals pass offense could be scary again (in a good way).

I don’t like:  Cincinnati just spent a third-round pick last year on a prolific pass-catching tight end with a history of injuries. I think the Bengals would be wise to give Chase Coffman another year of growth before pulling the trigger on his replacement. Furthermore, Gresham isn’t known as a fierce blocker, so he wouldn’t be an every-down tight end right away.  In my mind, there probably wouldn’t be room for both Gresham and Coffman in the offense, so it makes sense to take a tight end later on who is more of a blocking specialist.