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Bengals Select Gresham; I Am An Idiot

By nate

The Bengals selected Oklahoma tight end Jermaine Gresham with the 21st pick. It was the selection that I didn’t think would happen and one I was willing to wager a ham sandwich on. So I’m left with a bit of ham and egg on my face. And I’m owning it.

My knee-jerk reaction is a lackluster one. I don’t think it’s a bad pick. IF Gresham is healthy, IF he can block , IF he can play next to the tackle, he could be a great player. It just leaves me scratching my head in regard to the Chase Coffman pick. When I see tape of Gresham, I see a slightly bigger, slightly more athletic version of Coffman. They are eerily similar.

On one hand, it’s a bit encouraging to see the Bengals bypass a true talent with some character concerns (Dez Bryant). On the other hand, Gresham himself carries more question marks than you would like in a number one pick.

I’m guessing that the team will focus on defense in the second round, perhaps a safety.

On Deck: I’ll be blitzkrieging the site with as much content as I can find on Gresham to get you acquainted with the newest Bengal.