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No Quarters for Pac Man. For Now.

By nate

Joe Reedy relayed an interview on Sporting News Radio’s 2 Live Stews  with Pac Man Jones. Jones said he has been in contact with the Bengals and is working out and doing his best parenting impression until a team calls. 

Even though the Bengals have had some luck with reclamation projects as of late, I wouldn’t push it with Pac Man. As of now, the team is okay at corner with starters Leon Hall and Jonathan Joseph and reserves Morgan Trent and David Jones. Plus, the team just drafted rookie Brandon Ghee from Wake Forest.

It’s one thing to gamble on a player because of a glaring need, but this case is completely different. The Bengals have a lot more depth than they used to. And heaven forbid, Pac Man or any of the other reformed souls fall off the wagon. There could be an episode of A&E’s “Intervention” airing in the locker room.

I think the Bengals are playing it smart with Pac Man. If someone gets hurt early on in training camp, then the risk might be worth it. But for now, there’s no place for him to play. So save the quarters for the original Pac Man.