Bengals News

The Gibril World?

By nate

In addition to Pac Man Jones (whose signing appears to be imminent), it appears as if the Bengals will also be adding Gibril Wilson to the secondary. Here’s the article from Geoff Hobson. Pac Man (Abba – Abba/sound effect) reportedly told former teammate Tank Johnson that he is joining the team and the same news was tweeted across the universe by the Ochocinco News Network.

Wilson’s deal seems to be a little bit farther away. This quote from Wilson’s agent, Alvin Keels, comes courtesy of the copy-writing machine, “One Man Gang”  Hobson.

“”He really hit it off up there and I know they liked him and he liked them,” Keels told Hobson. “We’re trying to get something done and we’re still talking.”

For Bengals fans who were a little bit puzzled when the Bengals didn’t draft a safety (myself included), this is an even better scenario. Wilson is battle-tested (he won a Super Bowl with the Giants) and can help the team immediately. And if you’re being completely honest, the Bengals window is closing a bit. Marvin Lewis’ contract is up after this year (most expect that he will be re-signed). Carson Palmer is getting older (even though I think he’s got a lot left) and so is Chad Ochocinco (can he still beat double teams in two years?). Plus, Cedric Benson has had a lot of carries the past two years and corner Jonathan Joseph’s contract is up after this season.

The time to win is now.  And Wilson is a better fit for that than anyone else.

Sign him.