Bengals News

Tuning Up the Hybrid

By nate

Geoff Hobson spotlights one of the more intriguing Bengals heading into the 2010 season. Michael Johnson not only is getting involved in some charity work, but he’s also preparing to take some snaps at SAM (strong-side) backer next week. Considering the Bengals have never really dabbled in the 3-4 defense, the team has drafted few of the hybrid defensive end-outside backer types that have become the rage in pro football. Johnson is one of them. If he can make the switch to outside backer on certain downs, it will allow the team to disguise a lot of its defensive looks in passing situations. And in turn, that should create all sorts of havoc and confusion for opposing offenses.

Johnson’s transition is one of the more interesting storylines to watch heading into next week’s on-field practices. Stay tuned for more.