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Kelly is Back in Black (and Orange)

By nate

In a move that was long-expected, the Bengals re-signed Reggie Kelly today, giving their younger tight ends (Jermaine Gresham, Chase Coffman) a picture-perfect mentor. Rather than waste my words trying to explain what it means, I’ll let Carson Palmer do it, who said this via a text to Joe Reedy.

 “I couldn’t be happier to have signed Reggie. He is going to make Jermaine (Gresham)’s career more successful and longer with the knowledge he’ll be given just by watching him everyday. We just got better today on a number of levels. He brings maturity, leadership and he’s a great role model for younger players. Aside from his ability to put his hand on the ground in a 3-point stance and block anybody.”

Kelly is expected to take it slow, even though he is almost fully recovered from a ruptured Achilles suffered in training camp last summer. If he returns to full health, my guess is that he will play a lot on first and second down then give way to more of a receiving specialist (Coffman or Gresham) on third. His return also creates a logjam with Dan Coats, Coffman, and Gresham also vying for playing time. Coats’ position would appear to be more in jeopardy than the others.

In other news, the Bengals also claimed running back Walter Mendenhall on waivers. Mendenhall is a bit intriguing considering his younger brother Rashard plays for the Steelers and he has the size (6-feet, 225 pounds) to be the bruising back the Bengals seek should Cedric Benson get hurt. Stay tuned.

And finally, I’d like to welcome Reggie Kelly back to the Bengals as only StripeHype can. With a video by AC/DC. Hit the music.