Bengals News

Putting a Better Foot Forward

By nate

James Walker spotlights the importance of Andre Smith’s second season. Smith missed most of last season with a foot injury, which the team deserves some credit for considering its overly-stubborn stance in negotiations. Smith is still recovering from foot surgery, but it’s essential that he makes an impact this season. The big fella is a No. 6 overall pick and has to play that way, providing an upgrade over Dennis Roland at right tackle. If he can do that, the Bengals offensive line should be even better this season. If he struggles to earn a starting job, the “bust” word will start to be thrown around and the team will suffer because of it. The Bengals simply have to get some return on their investment their season.

In OTA news, Geoff Hobson reported that Jerome Simpson and Matt Jones had solid days once again. Joe Reedy noticed some nifty catches by Jordan Shipley and Chase Coffman. Even though it’s early, it’s starting to look like the Bengals are going to have some serious talent at the wideout position. And if Jerome Simpson is in the mix there, that’s good news for everybody. Simpson will not be handed a job considering all the other talent surrounding him.

Pac Man Jones also met the media. He said all the right things and did not “make it rain.” It was a win-win for all involved.

Who Dey.