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Ten For (the Playoffs) Pt. 3

By nate

There’s not a whole lot of Bengals news happening these days, so it makes sense to return to the schedule analysis. Here is the third game – of ten – the team needs to win to make the playoffs.

Week 4:  Oct. 3 at Cleveland

Back-to-back road games make this game a little tougher, but you have to figure the Bengals can beat Cleveland. Jake Delhomme won’t have a lot to work with in the passing game and he’s not very mobile, so the Bengals should be able to pressure him aplenty. Cleveland will no doubt focus on the running game and defense, but Cincinnati should have the answer in both areas. This game will probably be closer than what most Bengals fans would like – doesn’t Cleveland always do that? – but it should be a Bengals win. If the Bengals lose Week One in New England, they need to rattle off a series of wins to get themselves back in contention. This game could put them at 3-1 heading into a home game with Tampa. I would happily take that.