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Shayne Graham Leaves. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaawn!

By nate

Shayne Graham signed with Baltimore today and Cincinnati turned the page on a good kicker who was bad in clutch situations. Shayne Graham was extremely consistent in his tenure with the Cincinnati Bengals, hitting on almost nine of every 10 kicks. The only trouble is, he missed all the ones I remember. He missed against Pittsburgh when it would have sent Cincinnati to the playoffs. And he missed two against the Jets in the playoffs. Those are the two that really hurt.

Had he made one more field goal against the Jets, Cincinnati’s last possession would have been aimed at a tying touchdown, not a quick score that would still require an onside kick. The game would have been different. The team would have had a chance. Instead, Shayne missed two field goals that stamped his ticket out of town.

He was a classy guy and an accurate kicker, so some might be sad to see him leave. But Graham didn’t have a big leg, making him virtually useless beyond 50 yards. I think Cincinnati will survive. And I think – perhaps incorrectly so – that somehow, some way, Mike Nugent – the Nuge! – can find some Buckeye magic to resurrect his career in the Queen City. Let’s hope I’m right.

Godspeed, Shayne Graham. Let’s hope the Ravens need you to deliver a 54-yarder to win in Week 2.