Bengals News

Madden Ratings

By nate

The ratings for EA Sports’ Madden 2011 video game have begun to trickle out and the Bengals are a respectable 9th out of 32 teams. Here is the complete list, provided by GameStop.

In related news, EA released some of the Madden 2011 quarterback rankings (via IGN) and Carson Palmer did not crack the top 10. How Ben Roethlisberger, with zero awareness in bars and bathrooms, made the list, I don’t know. Here it is.

Top Ten Quarterbacks in Madden NFL 11 by Overall Rating
1. Peyton Manning
2. Drew Brees
3. Tom Brady
4. Aaron Rodgers
5. Philip Rivers
6. Brett Favre
7. Ben Roethlisberger
8. Donovan McNabb
9. Tony Romo
10. Matt Schaub