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Matt Jones: Still a JAG?

By nate

In the NFL, there are Jags (Jaguars) and JAGs (players who are “Just Another Guy”).  Matt Jones was once a Jag. And if you believe Carlos “Big C” Holmes, he still is, just the acronym kind.

After watching Jones at minicamp, Holmes was not impressed. He wrote that Jones was a long strider, slow off the ball, and not really adept at using his size to his advantage. Furthermore, Holmes wrote that he’d be “flummoxed if Jones made the club over (Jerome) Simpson.”

Quite frankly, I’d rather see Simpson make the club if I had the choice. He’s younger, supposedly faster, and doesn’t have the criminal baggage that Jones does. Plus, you’d have to believe Simpson’s upside is a little bit better than Jones’. Maybe, just maybe, Simpson could eventual grow into Chad Ochcocinco’s replacement.

So if the two players are anywhere close after training camp, it makes sense to keep Simpson. He’s been a JAG himself at times, but maybe those days are behind him. Maybe.