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Madden Ratings: Energizer Bunny Edition

By nate

While most of the other Bengals blogs go dark – or pretty frickin’ close – before training camp, StripeHype will still be going strong in the immediate future. Today’s post revolves around the Bengals ratings for EA Sports’ Madden 2011 video game. The Bengals did much better in this year’s version, but I still have a few complaints. (Don’t I always?)

Here they are in no particular order:

-Tank Johnson seems a bit underrated at 77 (ratings are out of 100)

-Matt Jones isn’t present on the list and Jerome Simpson is a ridiculous 57. Even if the kid is struggling with the mental part of the game, his measurables have always been good. That alone should be worth a few more points.

-Quan Cosby is also underrated at 62 as a receiver. I don’t expect the folks at Madden to scout every player in great detail, but Cosby played much better than a 62 when he got the chance. That rating doesn’t even seem close.

-Kevin Huber is a tad low at 76. If memory serves me correctly, I think he finished in the top 5 in punting average last season.

-And finally, my man-crush Brian Leonard is getting no respect with a paltry 70. Sure he might not be flashy, but the guy gets every yard out of every opportunity, turning many of them into first downs. A “70” rating puts him near the bottom tier of players in Madden. That’s despicable.

Overall, the Bengals are getting a lot more respect than they used to and they’re no longer a huge liability on the video game circuit, which is nice. Click here for the full ratings. And watch the video below in case you need a reminder why you should visit StripeHype instead of all those other “Supervolt” blogs in the coming weeks.