Bengals News

Making Sense of the Dollars

By nate

It’s time once again for the Bengals to sign their rookies – or more precisely – to low-ball them into submission. Geoff Hobson reports that University of Texas draft picks Roddrick Muckelroy and Jordan Shipley could both be signed within 24 hours. (That’s about the same time frame in which the Bengals are hoping to hear from Terrell Owens). But what is troubling is that there isn’t much news regarding Carlos Dunlap and Jermaine Gresham.

Quite frankly, there’s no reason either player should miss any part of training camp. The Bengals have ruined careers by their stubbornness in negotiations and I’d hate to see it negatively impact two players who could contribute this season. Some missed time is expected with high draft picks, but neither Gresham or Dunlap fits that category.

Hopefully, the team is beginning to realize that saving a few dollars isn’t worth the sacrifice of some missed practice time for top players. So spend the money and sign the deals.