Bengals News

Camping with Jason Cole

By nate

Jason Cole of YahooSports stopped by Bengals training camp. Cole didn’t offer a lot of new information, but he did add that Jermaine Gresham looked a bit lost and undrafted rookie defensive back Johnny Sears is impressing. If Sears is playing well, it further complicates an already crowded secondary. Sears will really have to excel in the preseason games to make the team.

As far as Gresham is concerned, I can’t help but worry that the team is forcing him into the lineup. Yes, I’d like to see him on the field as soon as possible, but I don’t want to see him rushed into situations where he might not succeed, or worse, where he might get the quarterback injured because of a missed protection read. With Reggie Kelly around and plenty of other receivers, I think Gresham could be eased in a bit. Clearly, the passing game is in much better shape than it was a year ago and the team is not in dire need of another option.

I guess the Hall of Fame Game on Sunday might give us a good glimpse of Gresham’s progress. Stay tuned.

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