Bengals News

Andre Is Creating A Giant Mess

By nate

Yesterday, Marvin Lewis criticized Andre Smith publicly. Today, Geoff Hobson published a blog noting that offensive coordinator Bob Bratkowski is concerned about the pass protection. And thus, we have our first mini-crisis of the preseason.

Here’s what I think:

Cincinnati needs Andre Smith to be healthy, in shape, and on the field. Dennis Roland is okay at right tackle, but Smith represents a huge upgrade (emphasis on HUGE). If Smith, can’t get himself in shape, the team is going to suffer.  Cincinnati is going to have a lot of mismatches in the passing game this season – starting in Week One in New England – but Carson Palmer will need time to exploit them. Smith should be an athletic upgrade at right tackle who’s a solid pass protector. But he can’t help if he’s not playing.

So I understand Marvin’s frustrations and Bratkowski’s concerns. This Sunday’s preseason game with the Broncos should give a good indication of how troubling the pass protection is. Without Elvis Dumervil, Denver doesn’t have many pass-rushing threats. That should give the Bengals lineman a relatively easy day. Things should turn out pretty well.

But Andre Smith would make things even better.

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