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Bengals/Broncos Preview: What I’m Looking For

By nate

The Bengals face the Broncos tomorrow at 7 p.m. (televised for me on NFL Network) and I’ll be looking for a few things in Cincinnati’s second practice game. (Let’s face it, that’s what they are).

1) Improvement from the offense: Cincinnati’s offense looked rather lackluster in its first – albeit limited – performance a week ago. I’d like to see some positive strides in the second go-round. Better protection and fewer penalties would be a nice start.

2) Michael Johnson’s Impact: Johnson was all over the field in the game against Dallas. If he does it all again with sacks and pressures, I think Cincinnati might really have something with him. Not that a mediocre performance dooms him, but another dominant one certainly suggests a promising upward trend.

3) A fullback:  Call me crazy, but I think Cincinnati’s ground game would benefit from a bruising fullback. Even Fui Vakapuna – when he’s healthy – is a beefed-up tailback. And I’m not sure that Joe Tronzo or Dan Skuta are the answer either. But I’ll be looking for someone to emerge as a lead blocker.

4) A better backup:  I don’t expect J.T. O’ Sullivan or Jordan “Run-Pee” (his Iphone App) Palmer to look like Carson, but I’d prefer to see some competency at second QB. And I’m not sure we got anything near that in the Hall of Fame Game.

5) The rookies:  Most of Cincinnati’s rookies have been pleasant surprises thus far. I’m anxious to see more from Jordan Shipley, Geno Atkins, and Jermaine Gresham. Carlos Dunlap should also see some playing time with Robert Geathers injured.

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