Bengals News

Hitting the Links

By nate

It’s another day with a good bit of Bengals ink in cyberspace, so I’ll post the news and let you hit the links.

James Walker says Cedric Benson is the most indispensable Bengals player who is not a quarterback. He might be right, but I’d put Leon Hall right there with him. I think Bernard Scott would be extremely productive if Benson were to go down, I just don’t know if Scott could handle the same workload. And even though the Bengals have good depth at cornerback, Hall’s the best one. His coverage skills and tackling – even though he’s had some hiccups this preseason – would be sorely missed if he were gone.

Steve Wyche of talks with Andrew Whitworth about T.O. and the rest of the Bengals’ offense. Whitworth says T.O. has been a model citizen since his arrival. Quite frankly, T.O. isn’t the one I’m worried about. I think Chad Ochocinco could be a bigger distraction if he doesn’t get the ball. Let’s hope there’s enough offense to go around.

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