Bengals News

Hitting the Links

By nate

It’s time for a few previews to get you ready for the NFL season, which is just over a week away. As always, things here are Bengals-centric.

The first preview comes from AOL’s Fanhouse, which gives the Bengals a “heat rating” of 31 out of 50. The site calls them a playoff contender, but says a slide back to five or six wins wouldn’t be shocking. I say the team only slides back to five or six wins if Carson Palmer gets hurt. The loss of any other player would be damaging, but not devastating. I think.

The second one comes from  All six experts predicted at least nine wins for the Bengals. To me, that mark seems about right. Given Cincinnati’s schedule, anything between eight and eleven wins seems possible. Anything more or less than that would take some extenuating circumstances. And frankly, if this team falls back to those Dave Shula-Dick Lebeau levels, I don’t want to watch. But I will. And you probably will too, because we’re Bengals fans (i.e. modern-day sadomasochists).

I’ll make my own prediction next week. But I’ll have a large glass of orange Kool-Aid first (i.e. orange optimism).  Ahhhh.

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