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A Wee Bit of Willie

By nate

In a move that was long overdue, Willie Anderson showed up at a Cincinnati practice Wednesday and Thursday to help out his old mates. Anderson spent some time with Dennis Roland, Andre Smith and Anthony Collins, who could all benefit from his wisdom and experience. Big Willie passed along some encouraging news from Smith, who at least seemed somewhat interested in Anderson’s knowledge.

The only sad part about the whole visit is that Anderson had to contact the Bengals to make it happen. Considering that Smith is a fellow Alabama boy, it would have been nice if Anderson were around to help him from the start. But I suppose that’s in the past now.

Looking forward, it might be a good idea for the Bengals to keep Anderson’s number around. Sure, he’s older and perhaps a step slower, but he can’t be much worse than what the Bengals have displayed this season. And if an injury occurs, he certainly could be a better option than what’s on the waiver wire now. Especially considering his value as a mentor.

Think about it.