Bengals News

Time for a Change

By nate

The Bengals are 2-3 with consecutive losses to the Cleveland Browns and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, both of which were winnable games. The team is 5th in the league in penalties, with two costly ones by veteran receivers (T. Ochocinco). Carson Palmer is looking like an average quarterback, far below the standards he has set in the past.

So what’s next?

In my mind, something has to change. Perhaps it’s a bit too early to fire Marvin Lewis (who deserves a medal for working with Mike Brown all these years), but something has to change. Has to.

Maybe that means Bob Bratkowski gets an early exit. Maybe that means Andre Smith and Jerome Simpson are given more playing time. Maybe the defense experiments with more 3-4 looks. Whatever it is, something has to change. Has to.

Because nothing seems to be working right now.

Extra:  There are some interesting quotes from Bob Bratkowski in Geoff Hobson’s “Aftermath” story. There’s also the first T.O. pop-off of the season, something about listening, but not hearing. A few more losses and this thing could get butt ugly. Stay tuned.