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Marvin Misses the Point

By nate

I’ll look at the game a little deeper tomorrow when more emotions and dust have settled (including how Bernard Scott might finally be getting a bigger role. I hope), but for now let’s focus on the Bengals lack of discipline. A problem that Marvin Lewis doesn’t yet think is a, um, problem.

According to, here’s Lewis’ quote about the 12-men penalties, one each by the offense and defense.

“That’s not discipline. Discipline is personal fouls,” he said. “We’ve got little things, that’s not about a lack of discipline. We’ve got to pay attention to the detail of it. (On offense), that’s my fault. I’m trying to get them to substitute and our guys don’t understand that. Those are detail things when you’re dealing with some new guys, dealing with some rookies, and we put a lot of pressure on the quarterback to try and get everyone on the same page.”

He’s wrong. Discipline lies in the details. And Cincinnati doesn’t have enough of it right now. Until the penalties stop flying so prevalently, this team is in trouble. And until the head coach recognizes the importance of discipline in all facets of the game, things aren’t going to change.