Bengals News

Well That Sucked

By Editorial Staff

The NFL is normally a fantastic product that we can’t get enough of. But yesterday’s Dolphins-Bengals game was about as enjoyable as a snifter full of ipecac.

Honestly, that game was painful to watch. Both offenses were abysmal. Miami could have put up 40 points if they were it not for some inexcusable dropped passes. They had to settle for FGs 5 times (normally a perfect recipe for a L). And they could have had 4 picks if their secondary had any hands at all.

But our Cincinnati ThreeAndOuts were not to be outdone. After starting out with 15-play scoring drive to open the game, Bob Bratkowski’s playbook simply ran out of plays. They reverted back to the same lackadaisical, inept, short-armed, high-and-behind, tackled-for-loss ThreeAndOuts that are the hallmark of the Mike Brown era.

Late in the 3rd quarter, after another in an endless string of punts, I turned to my wife and said, “I hear the handle jiggling. They are about to flush this game.” As it turned out, I called it one series too early. But they had shown enough to know that the game was as good as over.

Late in games, when men take over games and pull out the win, the ThreeAndOuts don’t have the huevos to dominate. Instead, they take leave like T.O. walked off the field after the late interception instead of pursuing the play.