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Scott’s Great, Why Don’t They Realize It?

By nate

In an article for’s Blog Bllitz I explore the success the Bengals offense has had with Bernard Scott and the team’s failure to use him more. I’ve been saying since last year that Scott needed more playing time, but he’s still only getting a few offensive touches per game. Here’ s an excerpt from the story. I’ll keep you posted once the article is published.

Bernard Scott is Cincinnati’s most explosive player. The second-year running back is averaging 5.7 yards per carry and 7.3 yards per catch. And yet, he’s only had 28 offensive touches in 7 games, a measly four opportunities per game. The misuse of Scott – the Bengals’ best weapon – is quite possibly the biggest blunder in a disappointing season.

Nothing against Cedric Benson, but Ced is only averaging 3.8 yards per rush. He’s also fumbled three times. Scott has only gotten 20 carries this season, but he hasn’t fumbled either. For some reason, the coaching staff doesn’t believe Scott should get more opportunities.

But the statistics prove them wrong.

Cincinnati’s offense would be better with more B. Scott.