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Steelers Week: Question 2

By nate

Another question regarding the Bengals opponent and my own answer…

Where are Pittsburgh’s weak spots?

Pittsburgh is first in rush defense and 25th against the pass so he answer is pretty obvious. I think most everyone agrees the weak spots are in the secondary. Even though defensive lineman Aaron Smith is injured, Pittsburgh’s run defense is still stout with Casey Hampton in the middle and a great group of linebackers behind him (not to mention instinctive safety Troy Polamalu). If you can get rid of the ball quickly, Pittsburgh’s cornerbacks are vulnerable. And Polamalu, although he covers tremendous ground in the passing game, is known to gamble a bit. New Orleans had some success against the Steelers throwing the ball and Cincinnati could as well. Jermaine Gresham and Jordan Shipley (if he doesn’t get killed on a crossing route) could have some success in the middle of the field. It would also be a good game to involve Bernard Scott in the passing game. Pittsburgh’s linebackers aren’t exceptionally fast, but I expect the Bengals to employ a steady diet of two and three-yard runs to keep the game close. I also don’t expect much from Chad Ochocinco, who hasn’t usually done much against Pittsburgh.