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The End of the Ocho Era?

By nate

In an article that should soon be up on’s Blog Blitz, I examine what an Ochocinco-less Bengals team might look like. And I argue that it might not be that bad.

After watching Ochocinco’s antics Monday night – which forced tackle Andrew Whitworth to banish him outside of the hashmarks – I think I hit my breaking point. Yes, Chad is a dynamic player. Yes, he draws double coverages from almost every opponent Cincinnati faces. But the team and Chad himself are not really producing. So is it all worth it?

Probably not. Maybe my mind will change in the second half of the season, but I doubt it. I think the team will be better served – and Chad will too – if he gets released or traded at the end of the season.

If that happens, don’t be surprised if both parties prosper next fall.