Bengals News

Blow It Up

By Editorial Staff

In the radio post-game therapy session after the loss to the Dolphins, Ken Broo made a great point: when the core talent of a team can’t win, it’s time to break up the core and start over. The subsequent losses have proven that the only team that the Bengals are prepared to beat are themselves. So it is time to ask some key questions as we ponder this franchise’s future course.

1) Who should replace Marvin? He looks like he has already checked out. I don’t really blame him for that. Eight years in the Mike Brown meat grinder is a feat. If it isn’t Zimmer as HC, I’m dialing up Hue Jackson. He has succeeded everywhere he has been. It’s time to bring him back. Whose name do you put in the hat?

2) Will Mike Brown actually have enough guts to hold Bratkowski responsible for the mess that is this offense? I know that extending Brat’s contract is a reflex for Brown at this point. But Smilin’ Bob has coached a mess for 4 years now. Will Mike Brown demonstrate that fan loyalty means more to him than his loyalty to Bob?

3) Will this team invest in the offensive line? The line is slowly improving, but it still needs a lot of work to be a solid foundation for the offense. Livings and Roland need to resume their roles as backups and be replaced by true starters. How about signing a good veteran guard, drafting another, and putting out an APB for Anthony Collins. Oh yeah, and hire Willie Anderson NOW!

4) Is this team willing to cut the dead weight from the defensive line? I’m sure that Geathers, Peko and Johnson are great guys. But that group is doing zero. ZERO. My grandma would have a couple of sacks by now. It is time to start evaluating the young talent. It’s not like they are going to generate LESS pressure.

5) Will Katie be smart enough to lock up Joseph and Hall? Those two aren’t perfect, but they are both very good. They are the strength of the defense at this point. Imagine how much better they would be with a pass rush to support them. Letting either walk is dumb, dumb, dumb.

What are your questions to the Bengals?