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Bills Preview: Questions 1-2

By nate

As a lead-in to the Bills game Sunday, I swapped questions with Paul from FanSided’s Bills blog, BuffaLowdown. Here are my first two questions and his answers.

1) What does Buffalo think about former Bengal Ryan Fitzpatrick? It
seems like he has played pretty well overall this season.

It didn’t take much for the fans of Buffalo to fall in love with Ryan
Fitzpatrick.  With the trouble the Bills have had over the years with
QB play, Fitzpatrick has put fans back in the seats, and gave the
people of Buffalo a reason to be excited again.

I don’t think Fitz is the answer for the Bills at QB, and the Bills
should still draft a QB next year.  But if Fitz keeps playing at this
high level, and the Bills get a few more wins, the Bills might not be
in line anymore for that #1 pick and Fitz will be safe for at least
one more year in Buffalo

2) Does anyone wish T.O. was still in Buffalo? Some people in Cincinnati might.

Haha, very nice question.  T.O. was an excellent player and teammate
in Buffalo.  He knew going into last season how rough it was going to
be, but yet he played through the season and didn’t cause too much
drama.  I knew people were upset that the Bills didn’t bring him back
for another season, but with the emergence of the younger Stevie
Johnson, I don’t think anyone misses T.O. at all.

I also think it was because of T.O. that Stevie Johnson emerged as a
receiving threat this season.