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Halftime Update: Bengals 31, Bills 14

By nate

Cincinnati has exploded for 31 first-half points behind two touchdown passes from Carson Palmer (T.O. and the Ocho have a TD each), a Ced Benson TD run and a Jonathan Joseph interception return. The Bengals, however, have lost starting safeties Chris Crocker (knee) and Roy Williams (concussion) to injury. It should make for an interesting second half.

And despite Cincinnati’s point total, offensive coordinator Bob Bratkowski has made a few puzzling calls. Benson is now out with an eye injury and Bratkowski has used scat-back Bernard Scott as a battering ram on a couple of plays (why, I don’t know). In addition, Cincinnati nearly missed a chance at a halftime buzzer-beater FG when Brat called a running play with only five seconds left. Fortunately, Scott’s progress was stopped and a timeout was called with one second left, setting up Aaron Pettrey’s first field goal as a Bengal.

Stay tuned, the second half should be interesting.